Like most cartoonists, I grew up scribbling, and would spend hours drawing popular cartoon characters, creating my own, and cutting favourite comic strips out of the newspaper. 

Inevitably, over the years my time devoted to cartooning gave way to increasing amounts of work at school and university, and then at a job that while less fun than cartooning, at least paid the bills.

I continued to scribble in my free time, and have been fortunate to draw an editorial cartoon for The Auroran newspaper since October 2000.  This in turn lead to my being accepted into the Association of Canadian Cartoonists and the National Cartoonists Society.  

Apart from The Auroran, my cartoons have appeared in the Norwegian American newspaper, and in the books Cartoon Canada, and Aislin's Favourite COVID Cartoons from Around the World.

When I finally retired from my “real” job, and with time on my hands, I returned to the drawing board.  While editorial cartoons continued to present their own creative challenges and rewards, I soon discovered that the freedom to draw whatever I wanted in my own single panel gag cartoons was a lot more fun.  This resulted in the creation of my first book, A Collection of Scott Johnston Cartoons - Volume 1, which was published in late 2022.   This was followed by Volume 2 in 2023 and Volume 3 in 2024.

I am currently continuing to scribble, creating more content for Volume 4.

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Instagram: ScottJohnstonCartoons